di Montana = Marjan Van den Berghe

She lives and works in Belgium, Antwerp

In the world of di Montana there is no room for the obvious, the boring or the straight line. di Montana is a visual storyteller. She makes illustrations, designs brand identities and typefaces, logo’s, graphics and booklets, does art direction for advertising, decorates shopwindows, paints murals, draws the odd poster or T-shirt, might just get into videoclips too…to cut this too long story short: any time words might fail you, di Montana is just around the corner to save you!

Clients include; Bloso Sports, Cultureel Centrum Berchem, Dove, Efteling, Ecover, Gossyp Organic Cotton, Ikea (ILIV), KBC bank, Radio 1, Stad Antwerpen, Steenfestival, VLAM Belgium, Wouters & Hendrix Jewelry,  ZA Insurance, Zuiderpershuis

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  1. Posted on May 2, 2012 by Fatinha

    Ik ben een super-mega-fan van je werk!!!! 🙂 Marjan, je bent een inspiratie voor mij – you rock!

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